O-270x180It takes a lot of hard work from our volunteers to make our club function. All of our time, effort, gamewatch events, and membership signups are funneled into our scholarship fund.One of the main goals of the club is to help a student from the Triangle area cushion the blow of the rising tuition.

Each year students from the RDU area apply for this scholarship, fill out a lengthy questionnaire form, then the final candidates are interviewed by our Scholarship Chair and/or Secretary. Each year we will announce our winner on the website, newsletter, and honor them during the Summer Send Off annual picnic

If you or anyone you may know is interested in finding out more about the scholarship fund please email use at!

One of the biggest way the club is able to pay it forward and give back is with the growing Triangle Buckeye membership. Through your membership dues you help us cent by cent send a Buckeye to Columbus! If you’re not a member please review the process below and sign up today!